LOFEOSI CONSULTANTS LTD provides professional services to new and existing client in a wide range of sectors, including Schools, Council Housing, residential properties, Construction and more. We work with certified and approved contractors in the maintenance, installation, removal, repair, lease of CCTV equipment.

We have on board other certified experts who are approved by the relevant bodies and are available 24hours in the day, covering Sunday to Monday in fumigation of the whole property and Cleaning services. We eliminate all creepy crawlies from the most tin to the largest: Bedbug,s rodents, cockroaches, rats, mice, ladybird and others not mentioned. Our prices are negotiable, all for client satisfaction.

Our products, equipment, are from trusted manufacturers, our contractors have on hand years of history and credibility, plus extended warranty this means in the unlikely events you ever encounter a problem with equipment leased we will be there within 48hours of contacting us, therefore, we give you the added peace of mind you need when using our services. The brand of cameras we use are durable, stylish and highly effective they have adaptable night visions and record in real time.